image makeover shopping professional singaporeimage makeover shopping professional singapore image makeover shopping professional singapore“Melissa comes across as a very sincere person who is keen to assist me to improve my image as an investment consultant. My favourite colour has always been black, it may be out of convenience, as it is easier to match, from wardrobe to handbags & shoes. However, black does not enhance my colour tone. She painstakingly take her time with patience, to convince me that warm tones suit me better and is able to enhance my image. Indeed with more colours in my wardrobe, it is not only interesting to mix & match, it makes me look younger and not so drab like before.

Thank you, Melissa for your good work!”
Evelyn Chiam, Investment Consultant


Melissa was extremely professional from the beginning. Melissa advised me on style, color and make-up. These were personalized and she also provided me with hands-on experience with the make-up. During the sessions, Melissa was open to discussions, and also answered queries and doubts that I had. Since the consultation with her, I have had a better understanding of why certain clothing-accessory combination looked better, and why certain fabrics looked good on me while others didn’t. While I am still new to it, this understanding is important for me to work through my existing wardrobe and shop for the new one. Melissa has also helped me understand various aspects of my physique, and how best to highlight and enhance them. My experience with Melissa has been great, and I am glad to have engaged her services. Thanks, Melissa!
MJ, Manager


image makeover shopping professional singaporeMelissa has an excellent and unique eye for details that have helped me stand out from the crowd in a corporate environment. Having just graduated and entered employment, I was clueless to the rules of “Smart Casual” and “Dress Down Fridays”. To me, “Smart Casual” meant jeans and a nice blouse, while the latter meant freedom to wear as I would, strolling down Orchard Road.
I am a vibrant person and I had very much wanted to express myself through my corporate clothes, but it was obviously not appropriate, so I was stuck. Employing Melissa’s services helped me to portray a sleek, sharp, corporate image that incorporated my colourful sense of style and helped me create a unique look of my own.
Having just started working, being affordable was very important to me. Melissa’s services are fairly affordable and through her services, I managed find really affordable clothes (eg: tops for $30 or less, pants from $20-50). Being very tied up in regular OT would have left me no time to look for these clothes had it not been for Melissa.
Thank you very much!
Amanda,  Associate Consultant  F&B Industry


image makeover shopping professional singaporeI LOVE MELISSA CHOR’S WORK. She is warm and enthusiastic and Passionate about her work. Since going through her colour analysis session, I now feel like I have the freedom and the confidence to CHOOSE THE RIGHT COLOURS FOR ME … I feel great, and more importantly LOOK BETTER, more radiant; all because I am now wearing the right colours. I would highly recommend Melissa to ALL.
Alison Kerlin, Hair Designer