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I went to the image and style consultations with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised. Acquired a number of good ideas, more receptive to new styles and just more aware, stylewise. Enjoyed myself and had a blast! Thank you Melissa!
Maria Wee-Wilkinson, Consulting Manager  


image makeover shopping professional singaporeShopping for wedding event – I decided on engaging a personal shopper as I did not have the time to shop for my son’s wedding. I was also at a loss on what to wear. Melissa is pretty easy-going and I like her frankness. I was rather picky and was worried that it will be a wasted trip. However it turned out well. I must say it was an interesting experience. Thanks Melissa for your time and effort.
Cindy Loh




image makeover shopping professional singapore“I went to Melissa in search of image advice, and got more than I expected. Thanks to her expert personal shopper recommendations over 1.5 days, I now have a good wardrobe and make-up to jumpstart, and with the confidence and tips she imparted, I’m sure I will be able to build up my image by myself from now on.
The experience over the 1.5 days was quite liberating as well. Melissa is very patient and always considering my needs, even if my style habits (or lack thereof) were very different from her personal opinions. For those who don’t need a totally revamped wardrobe, I would still greatly encourage you to shop with Mel, it was amazing that clothes and colours that I never saw myself wearing turned out so fitting when Mel mixed and matched pieces for me. Thanks to the shopping trip, I have also added a few more brands to my favourite shopping places.
Another unexpected bonus after this personal shopper trip is the makeup she recommended. I have always been a fuss-free minimal makeup person, and now I’m receiving compliments from my bosses that I’m glowing. I realized that I haven’t been applying my minimal makeup at the correct places, and now really appreciate the advice and good products that Melissa shared. It works :)”
Associate at UNISIM, 31


I went to Melissa for advice on personal shopping. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the sessions. Firstly, Melissa did a colour analysis for me and I received a personal season colour fan which serves as a guide to choosing my make-up colours, accessories and clothes. The personal shopping experience was fun as I got to try on different styles and learnt what type of pattern, design and print are most flattering for my body shape and personality. My makeover was a success as I have been receiving compliments that I look younger and more energetic. My new image has also boosted my self-confidence, resulting in me landing my dream job!
Loh, Banker


image makeover shopping professional singapore image makeover shopping professional singapore image makeover shopping professional singaporeFashion has never really been my thing. Of course I appreciate all the beautiful clothes paraded on the runways but I could never pull it off and make my wardrobe exciting. I would go for safe style options that I could carry off e.g. a wardrobe that consists mainly black and grey clothes. I wanted to update up my wardrobe to transit to a more professional corporate image, hence I started to search for a personal shopper and found out about Image Harmony.
Initially, I just wanted a style expert to help “design” my corporate image and do the shopping for me but the outcomes and benefits of engaging Melissa’s expertise were more than I expected. Melissa spent time to thoroughly understand my needs and motivation for an image makeover. She provided me advice not just on clothes but also my hairstyle and makeup; the overall image. During the shopping trip, not only did Melissa select clothes that met my personal needs but also, gently persuaded me to try different styles that flattered my body shape. From this shopping experience, Melissa opened up my eyes to great possibilities of restyling my image to the next level with the introduction of texture, bold colors and accessories to my otherwise boring wardrobe.
Melissa was pivotal in transforming my corporate image from boring to modern and interesting through her highly personalised service. I am so glad to have Melissa as my personal shopper.
Kathy Chiang


Trying on clothes, or going clothes shopping always felt like an arduous task that I always dreaded. If I did go, I would go to stores that I knew, picked the same colours or chose similar outfits to what I had already in my closet. After some discussion with my husband, I agreed to call an image consultant. I made an appointment with Melissa to spend a few hours with her. I was a little nervous but she was so warm and friendly right from the beginning, my mind was soon at ease with everything. Melissa first went through what colours would look best on me and also what I could do with my hair. Was I surprised when i found out that most of the items in my wardrobe were the WRONG colour and my hair colour did not suit me as well! I ended up putting those wrong-coloured clothes in a pile and gave them away. Melissa then took me shopping. I never had so much fun shopping as I did that day! I talked about it for weeks after. Melissa knew what stores to go to and of course she knew what colours looked good on me as well. Her knack for finding items on racks that I would have just passed by was amazing to watch. She made me try on dresses that I probably wouldn’t have given a glance to and I was shocked how well they looked on me. The styles were perfect for me. I needed some casual clothes but also some nice professional outfits for work that were comfortable. The styles were perfect, the colours fantastic and we ended off the day, buying a few pairs of shoes to match the outfits. I was so very happy with all my purchases!! I highly recommend Melissa’s service- she is just AMAZING!
Julie Bolduc, 40 years old caucasian from Canada