image makeover shopping professional singapore

image makeover shopping professional singaporeimage makeover shopping professional singapore

I deeply appreciated Melissa for her warmest service and expert styleknowledge which has made me more confident and cheerful in my outlook in life. I felt that my wardrobe was getting more and more boring, hence I called upon Melissa to help me change my personal style. The image makeover has helped me to appreciate and treasure myself more. I am very happy with the results as I now know what style really suits me. New image, new beginning! Thanks a lot, Melissa!

Jasmine Zhang, Marketing


Coming from someone who doesn’t shop nor a lot of fashion sense, Melissa’s shopping trip was an enjoyable one! Melissa took the time to understand my needs, my preference for style, motivations, and daily lifestyle.
She has a great eye for putting together unorthodox pieces, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how many outfits fit on me, including many that I never considered wearing! Most importantly, she’s not afraid to be frank and tell you which clothing does not work. It’s never a one-size-fit-all for her, and that shows that she treats this very seriously. You can be sure she would find the best for you.
After the entire trip, she gave tips on how to choose outfits and also offered to give advice whenever I am unsure of what to wear. Strongly recommended! ūüôā


image makeover shopping professional singapore image makeover shopping professional singapore image makeover shopping professional singaporeThe last time I had time to shop for clothes was when I was in my early twenties, just before I started working. Fast forward to now, with 3 kids, a changed figure and a new designation at work, I was looking to revamp my wardrobe to reflect the new me, but simply had no time to scour the shops! So I called in the style consultant and expert shopper, Melissa!

Melissa did a style and body analysis to educate me on what kind of colours, fabric and style would bring out my best features while camouflaging my flaws. She also did a wardrobe audit and managed to put together quite a few outfits for me that I would not have thought possible. Melissa went shopping with me and with her help and excellent taste coupled with a good understanding of the particular image I wanted to project, looking for clothes was a breeze. In a short span of about 6 hours, I managed to buy an amazing amount of clothes consisting tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, belts and accessories. Very efficient use of time and all within the budget I had set! No more staring at my wardrobe thinking ‘I’ve got nothing to wear…” Thanks Melissa!
Joyce Kok, Legal Counsel


image makeover shopping professional singapore image makeover shopping professional singapore“Melissa is the personal shopper everyone should have! I got what I¬†wanted, within my budget and bought almost all the items she picked.¬†Even though she has a different style from mine, she was superb at¬†identifying what I like. Not only did she make shopping a fuss-free¬†experience for a non-shopper like me, but she also made it enjoyable¬†through her collaborative approach. We talked, she listened and¬†importantly for me, she always gave her honest expert opinion. Hersincere passion to have me look my best shone through, so when she¬†chooses an item I would not have picked, I trust her enough to give it a¬†try. And by this, I now have new looks which I like. So if I were¬†looking for a personal shopper it would definitely be Melissa!”
Senior Lawyer & Partner, 34, Malaysia


image makeover shopping professional singaporeMy wardrobe was getting pretty boring and I felt that I needed professional help to update my ‘look’. I have always lacked an understanding of the colours that suit me.¬† Consequently, a dislike of shopping for clothes developed.

After our style & colour consultation, Melissa came out with a shopping list for my new wardrobe. On our shopping day, she took me straight to shops she had pre-shopped and managed to find everything I needed!  She gave me lots of tips on how to create different style looks and showed other options that work for my body shape and personal style. I would like to thank Melissa for giving me confidence and bringing colours into my wardrobe! Now, I can go shopping myself with confidence.    Eve