image makeover shopping professional singapore
image makeover shopping professional singapore

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to Melissa for bringing colours into my life! I have always chosen safe colours for my clothes, make-up and even accessories. I engaged Melissa’s services for a Colour and Style consultation and Personal Shopping session and it was the best decision I ever made! Melissa was very professional and patient in imparting her knowledge and skills to me. At the end of the session, I was able to identify the right colours for my skintone. I can now avoid making mistakes on the colours and styles when I go shopping. Thank you Melissa!
Filza Mohd, Recruitment & Real Estate


image makeover shopping professional singapore image makeover shopping professional singaporeThis is my first time trying such makeover session. My friends have found me 2 of such makeover professionals – Image Harmony by Melissa and another corporate makeover firm. I have decided to choose Melissa in consideration of the personalised services by Image Harmony which I do not think that a corporate makeover would be able to give a personalised touch. I was glad and right on choosing Melissa as my makeover image consultant. She has brought me to a good hairstylist and change my original tired looking image to a nice  hairstyle that suit me perfectly. Next, Melissa has chosen a number of clothing for me to try which I would not have choose in the past. Those clothing suit me perfectly! She has certainly makes me aware of my body and the types and shades that would suits me well. I am truly glad that I have found her as well as a new me.

Melissa, thanks to you and you certainly did a great job!   Sharon Tay


image makeover shopping professional singapore image makeover shopping professional singapore image makeover shopping professional singaporeBefore seeking help from Melissa, my wardrobe consists only black, blue and grey apparels as I am quite clueless about what colours suit me. I also have no idea on how to coordinate my wardrobe without me looking like a fashion disaster. After a personal color analysis consultation and shopping excursion with Melissa, I now have a better understanding of my personal style and how to use colours to create different looks for different situations!
Celest Ling, Undergraduate



image makeover shopping professional singapore

image makeover shopping professional singaporeI contacted Melissa because I found myself falling into a fashion rut. I needed new ideas and decided that I would do something special for myself. A new beginning for the new year so to speak. I found the colour, style and shopping sessions to be very practical and fun! I also learnt that it was much easier to work with my body shape instead of against it. Now,armed with my colour swatch and newfound knowledge of what style flatters me, shopping is going to be something I look forward to.
Sushma Rajeev, French Language Teacher



image makeover shopping professional singapore image makeover shopping professional singapore image makeover shopping professional singaporeHow many of us truly know and understand our unique styles and are able to put together different pieces of clothing so that our personalities can be authentically reflected? I for one am absolutely clueless about it and thus Melissa’s proposal on the Personal Style Recipe consultation was received by me with much enthusiasm, and have reaped tremendous benefits from the session.
After completing the style recipe homework and going through it in greater detail with Melissa, I had a better understanding of how my lifestyle activities, personal preferences, body shape and seasonal color play a significant part in my choice of clothes. I was personally thrilled that factors such as roles and lifestyle activities were incorporated in the style recipe as I am a relatively practical person and desire my outfits to be appealing, functional and appropriate for the occasion. Melissa took my personal preferences into consideration as well when she went pre-shopping for me and that (among other things) made my shopping trip with her much more gratifying and rewarding!
A person’s style is intrinsic and private, with like his or her voice or gestures; partly a matter of inheritance, partly of cultivation. This journey has helped me unravel not only my personal style recipe, but also how clothing of various colors, textures, patterns, fabric weights etc can enhance my personality traits. I no longer shop for clothes just because they are on sale or look good on the mannequin but articles that resonate well with me physically and psychologically and of course, all credit goes to Melissa!
Celest Ling, Counsellor