Chinese New Year is fast approaching (February 16th) and everyone of Chinese descent will be greeting each other “Gong Xi Fa Cai” (Wishing you a prosperous year), celebrating with food and firecrackers and donning colourful bright outfits! It is this time of the year that folks will dress up in traditional wear i.e. the Cheongsam. Even those not of Chinese descent will take this opportunity to wear the traditional outfit when visiting their Chinese friends. I love the Cheongsam for all its elegance. Cheongsam (literal translation: Long dress) is also known as “Qipao” and comes in silk or cotton. But it has transformed over the years: from loose fit to figure hugging to A-line silhouettes in all types of prints and patterns. Of course, the younger generation these days are more modernised in their choice of New Year outfits, opting for the latest trends. But I just love to celebrate traditions and my choice of outfit will be a Cheongsam for the New Year. And I have put together a sample wardrobe of how to mix tradition with trends. Hope you will enjoy the Cheongsam set as styled by Mel:-)