It’s always a challenge to incorporate trends and fads into your office wardrobe. Firstly, you don’t want to waste money on clothing that will be out of style within months. Secondly, you don’t want your boss to think you are more focused on fashion (unless you are in the industry) than your deadlines. So, to help one of my Instagram followers to incorporate 2018’s metallic trend into her 9-to-5 wardrobe, here’s some practical style advice to ensure an updated (vs trendy) and wearability (vs short life span) wardrobe:

Classic Pieces – Opt for classic styles which have a simple and tailored look. For example, an A-line or pleated skirt that is knee-length or midi will have more longevity than a mini or a flouncy style. Both the skirts featured above can be worn for work and play. You can always mix it up with interesting pieces.

Dark Colours – Choose dark over light metallics for a smarter office image. Light colours with a high shine will also make you look visually larger. Dark colours are always office-appropriate. Plus, it’s also less distracting for your colleagues!

Formal Styles – Invest in shirt blouses, shift dresses, jackets – anything that screams ‘Office’! Personally, I’ll always invest in a third piece i.e. jacket because they instantly polish up your image.

Types of Fabrics – Pair your metallics with contrasting fabric weights. If your metallic garment is lightweight like silk or satin, wear it with a heavier fabric like denim, wool or rayon and vice versa. Finding a right balance in fabrics will ensure that your overall office image is intact. Imagine wearing a metallic silk blouse with a silk skirt! As you can see from the images above, the pairing of light and heavy fabrics creates a smart and sharp corporate image.

I hope you have benefitted from today’s Style by Mel. Keep the style questions rolling in!