If you haven’t noticed already, the 80s style is back in full force! Shoulder pads, duster earrings, fanny packs, acid wash jeans – all the much ‘dreaded’ trends of that era. And NEON! Yes, I’m talking about that bright highlighters that you can spot from miles away! And yes, I was courageous enough to buy a yellow neon swimsuit recently! I probably will live to regret it later, LOL. I remember clearly I owned two or three neon tops and proudly wore them to work. Of course, back then in the 80s, it was the trend so no one actually stared at you funnily.

But how do you wear neon today? Simple! Remember my basic dressing principles: Keep the rest neutral orĀ  go for a monochrome palette.

Would you try this neon combos? Let me know.

Style by Mel