Hi Ladies. It’s summer loving time and we have all our summer essentials ready!

What are you wearing this season?

Active sportswear is now a street style norm, and so are mini skirts and puffy sleeves. There’s also plenty of focus on long shorts and neon colours. Regarding the latter, you can read my previous blog on how to wear neon colours to work. Summer trends can be a bit tricky to wear to work as they are usually more playful and laid back in styles and prints. I’ve selected four standout trends this summer for you to try at work.

Athleisure: Leave the leggings and crop tops for the gym! Try a sporty and fitted jacket instead. Wear it with midi skirts and simple tank tops. Choose bright sporty colours like red, yellow or green to jazz up your office ensemble. Heels always give a more polished look.

Oversize: I prefer an oversized jacket over flare pants because a jacket is always more corporate looking. After all, jackets are essentials for formal meetings and events. Go for tailored options in neutral colours and wear it with slim pants or fitted skirts.

Puffy Sleeves: It’s all the rage now on Instagram! But I would recommend a top in solid colours or small prints and with short sleeves. If you prefer long sleeves, then opt for bell/lantern/angel styles, nothing too peasant or victorian-like. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and structured.

Long Shorts: It’s a refreshing style to try in a relaxed office culture. Again, choose tailored styles with slightly above the knee lengths. Avoid the flouncy and flare hem versions. A button down shirt will project a sharp and smart image for work.

Hope you learn some useful tips from Style by Mel. Have a great week ahead!