Hi Ladies! It’s been a while since I last shared some style tips. Well, I’ve been following lots of fashion updates on social media but nothing has really inspired me to blog. I feel that fashion, over the last decade up to now, has lost much of its style and originality. When I look back at the 50s, 60s eras, fashion was so much more inspiring and meaningful. These days, consumers want fashion fast and cheap. Everyone’s looking and dressing the same, thanks to social media influences. I’m guilty for getting stuck in the IG fashion rut myself! So lately, I’ve been trying not to focus so much on what people are wearing on IG but rather, how I can add new details to my wardrobe and yet own my personal style. Will share more on that one day!

I’ve been requested to share tips on how to make sheer outfits work appropriate. Personally, I think there are certain styles that are a big NO for the office and sheer is one of them. But you can work around it to make it less play and more polished. Here are some style tips:

1.Opt for semi sheer or opaque.

2. Stick to neutral colours.

3. Pair your sheer items with simple and classic styles.

4. Keep your accessories to the minimum.

5. Wear black or skin-tone tank top (not bra!) underneath your sheer tops.

With the five style tips in mind, I’ve put together some outfits below. The black sheer top with polka dots is definitely suitable for work. It has a tailored and polished look. I like the long neck scarf attached, which can be left hanging down for a casual chic look or tied into a pussy bow for a sharper image. As mentioned in tip No.5 above, wear a tank top underneath your sheers for full coverage and not a bra like the crossed out image below.

Instead of sheer, you can try an opaque top like the brown mock turtle neck below. You can wear it underneath a jacket or a shift dress. Save the layering with thin strap dresses for off duty days. Another sheer option for work is a midi skirt but make sure the inner lining is below the knee length. Anything above the knee like the pink skirt below is highly inappropriate.


Hopefully you are inspired by Style by Mel today! Your feedback is always welcome.