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Book Description

For some of you, shopping is like a treat. It is enjoyable, satisfying and therapeutic after a hard day’s work. For others, shopping can be more painful than going to the dentist! They can’t stand the crowds, the long queue at the payment counter and the noisy chatter in the changing rooms. It is even more disheartening if you head for home empty-handed after “battling” through the crowds and racks of clothes! What a nightmare!

If you hate shopping or are an anti-shopper, you are going to love shopping after reading this book.

If you like shopping, but always end up with the wrong purchases, you are going to make smarter choices after reading this guide.

Whatever your shopping challenges are; be it not being able to find what you need, not knowing what looks good on you or always end up buying the same stuff, you are going to gain some practical solutions and valuable tips to make your shopping fun and fabulous!


“Whether you are born to shop or not, this book is worth reading. It is full of simple yet valuable gems on how to get the most out of your shopping. The book is not just about buying clothes, as Melissa also gives insights on how you can buy the right clothes to suit your body and personality. It’s easy to read, practical and filled with little anecdotes all of us can easily identify with.”

Pang Li Kin, AICI CIP   Potenxia Unlimited

“I found myself saying, yes, yes, yes as I read Born to Shop. It’s packed with useful and practical tips to help anyone who doesn’t love shopping find the process easier and more fulfilling.”

Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP   Bespoke Image