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Shop With The Pros

Shop With The Pros

Do you know that our shopping behaviour is purely driven by habit?

Some women are impulsive shoppers; they buy everything in their line of sight regardless of need.  Some are window-shoppers; they spent hours and hours in the malls looking for that perfect purchase but come home empty-handed.  Then there are the mallophobic who consider shopping more painful than a trip to the dentist.  Most of us, though, fall in between, we spend far less than we earn, save for products we cannot afford in the present. Whatever your shopping habit is, engaging a professional shopper can help you save time and effort, find deals and steals, select the perfect style for you and put the WOW back into your wardrobe.

Shop with our professional shopper and you will learn smart shopping skills and strategies. You will experience shopping with confidence and ease. Through this service, you will discover which stores carry the most variety in the best quality and at the best or widest price range. You need not limit yourself to shopping in the same store and wearing the same fashion for years. Be open to new options to update your look and get the best value out of your shopping dollar!


“While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence — which, I believe, does
make the woman."

Mary Kay Ash, Entrepreneur

Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping

Melissa with Irene Low, owner of Cherries Vintage, Singapore and Alison Houtte, owner of Hooti Couture located in Brooklyn, New York and co-author of Alligators, Old Mink and New Money.

Our Personal Shopping service is tailored to your taste and budget. Whether you need a new professional wardrobe, travel wear, a wedding gown or even accessories, our professional shopper will be able to get it done for you efficiently and with style.  We will show you how to select and where to find the best pieces that work for you and your budget.  Our knowledgeable personal shopper is well versed with brands and stores from small specialty boutiques to large retailers and upmarket fashion designers, even beyond our shores. 

Our personal shopper saves you time. We will pre-shop the stores for you, then present an array of items for your review in a cosy setting at the stores.  Our personal shopper will:

  • Identify your style preferences and select items tailored to your taste 
  • Suggest the most appropriate outfit for any occasion 
  • Keep you abreast of the latest trends and how to update your look yet maintain your own style 
  • Coordinate alterations where necessary 
  • Work with your schedule and budget  

For more information on our various Personal Shopping packages, please check out our PERSONALISED SHOPPING page.