How many of us have walked (or rushed, like me!) out of the door and then gasped at our shoes but it’s too late to change into another pair that matches your outfit? Well, it almost always happens with me because shoes are the last thing I put on and also, kinda tricky to coordinate with the rest of the outfit. But I’ve learnt a thing or two from my style consulting courses years ago and of course, from our Instagram community. So here are three tips which I hope you will find inspiring!

1. Mixing Neutrals

The easiest way to coordinate your shoes with your outfit is to choose a different neutral shade from your hemline. For example, if you are wearing a black outfit, opt for brown or blue instead of predictable black shoes.

2. Mixing Prints

A more creative way is to find a print that complements the one on your outfit. I wore a paisley print Birkenstock which relates to the floral designs on my sleeves. Stripes and dots also pair well with floral designs. Try to balance the proportions for a less cluttered look: If your outfit has large prints, then go with smaller prints on the shoes and vice versa.

3. Repeating Patterns

This is something that I love to do. Pick a distinctive design element from your outfit and choose shoes that repeat the design. In the above image, the white stitching on my mules repeats the zigzag stitching on ┬ámy blouse. You could pair lace-ups, ruffles, ribbons etc…

Enjoy experimenting with these three tips and remember, style is personal!