One of the biggest challenges my clients have in common is mixing and matching printed outfits. It can be awfully daunting if you don’t have a trained eye. Of course, it helps if you are naturally gifted in the style department! But I always believe in education with experimentation, so we all can learn how to dress confidently. I LOVE prints! Peek into my wardrobe on Instagram and you know what I mean:-) Sometimes I do get a bit stuck on this myself, and that’s where I observe and learn from other fashionistas on Instagram. It’s never easy on a first try but practice always makes perfect. I’m delighted to share with you three easy steps to mixing prints which is a huge trend this year.

1.Monochromatic palette

For beginners, I would suggest to try a monochromatic approach. Pick a favourite colour, best to experiment with neutrals first, and mix any kind of prints in that same shade. For example, the black and white ensemble below showcases different prints but they are all in black and white. Sticking to a monochrome palette creates a chic and less cluttered image. You can try mixing prints in light and dark colours e.g. sky blue and navy, beige and chocolate brown.

2. Colour mix

This style tip requires some level of readiness as you will be mixing prints with more than two colours. Choose a top or bottom and note the colours of the prints. Then select a second printed piece which repeats some, if not all, of the colours of the first garment. It does not matter what type of prints you choose as long as the colours repeat on all the separate pieces of garment, including the accessories. For the second outfit I created below, I chose the skirt first and then I selected the complementary pieces. The completed look has a continuous colour theme of orange, blue and green from top to toe.

3.Contrasting scales

Mix and match the same type of print in small and big scales. A top with small polka dots will pair well with a skirt with huge polka dots. Likewise, small stripes and larger ones. The idea is to create a dominant and secondary print. Best to first test this out with similar prints like how I matched the small floral-printed blouse with a bigger floral pattern. Note that both floral prints are quite similar in style and shape. The skirt’s floral print is actually big clusters of small flowers which complements the small floral printed top.  Lastly, a belt is always good to tie in the whole look together.

If you have any feedback or questions, please drop me a line! Enjoy this Style by Mel!