The bigger and wider, the trendier it is this season. I’m talking about the 80s fashion revival of shoulder pads, puffy sleeves and wide leg pants, AND PERMS! The 80s was an era of bold styles, flashy colours and powerful silhouettes. You would have noticed by now many of the 80s trends surfacing on both the social media and fashion runway, especially the flared styles from jeans to tailored pants. Someone asked me, “What do you wear with flared pants?” It’s a great question because it’s not an easy silhouette to wear but with some style tips, you will be able to pull it off with confidence.

I have created a set of four looks for four body shapes (right to left):

1.Triangle (narrow shoulders, wide hips)

With this body shape, you will need to balance the top and bottom by increasing width at the top. Horizontal lines, wide necklines (bateau, scoop, square) and statement details at the shoulder area will create a wider shoulder line.

2. Rectangular (shoulders, waist and hips are same width)

Wear different colours on top and bottom to create contrast. An outer piece such as a duster coat or a belted trench adds visual interest and widens the top and bottom, giving the illusion of a curvy waistline.

3. High Waisted

Most flared pants comes with high waisted bands. So if you are already high waisted, this style will make you look even longer at the bottom. I know, who doesn’t want legs that run for miles! But harmony in proportion is more flattering to the eye. To achieve greater balance, wear longer tops that graze at the hip area.

4. Low Waisted

For this body shape, you will want to elongate the legs! Keep your tops waisted above the hip.

Hope this Style by Mel will help you rock the 80s look! Please let me know if you have any comments or style questions!