When it comes to monochromatic dressing, we often think matchy-matchy from head to toe. That sounds boring, old and outdated! Like it or not, monochromatic is one of those trends that will always keep coming back because it’s classic and easy to wear. One of my followers asked how she can wear this trend without looking blah. So here’s how to create trendy and interesting monochrome styles.

Dark and Light Tones

Instead of dressing in one colour tone from head to toe, combine different tones of your colour choice. It’s also more practical as you are likely to already own separate clothing items of the same colour but in varied tones. Contrasting dark and light tones together is more appealing to the eye than a flat one tone look.


Textures are used to create two or more dimensional looks. Playing with different textures e.g silk and fur, linen and tweed, smooth and rough etc… will definitely make your monochromatic outfit more interesting. Just like in art, we want to be able to feel and touch the designs, not just something to look at.

Lines and Designs

Here is where you can be more creative with your choices. Think bold lines, patterns and silhouettes for your clothes and accessories. With the 80’s fashion making a comeback, monochromatic is a great way for wearing shoulder pads and flared pants!


Look out for pieces which have interesting details like zips, buttons, ribbons etc…to spice up the look.


I hope you have enjoyed these tips from Style by Mel. Drop me a note or comment on this style tips, and if you have any style questions, I’ll love to hear from you. Have a great week!